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Technician's Lab Pass
Allows unlimited access to the Inspection Database. Once the user has downloaded and installed the ECInspection tool (and any other tools that you want to run), this pass allows you to load inspection files into the tools and conduct the inspection.
Single User Technician’s Pass
Up to 5 simultaneous Technician's Passes
Up to 10 simultaneous Technician's Passes
Up to 100 simultaneous Technicians's Passes

Practitioner’s Lab Pass
Same as the Technician’s Lab Pass plus the properties of the objects in the ECInspection tool, i.e. the work-piece, probe, defect, etc., can be modified and the new inspection can be submitted to the EddyCentre Laboratory where it will be modelled. The Practitioner’s Lab Pass allows for up to 10 modelling sessions to be run a month.
Practitioner’s Lab Pass for 10 modelling submissions

EddyCentre Modelling Software – Available April 2002
This award winning modelling software is being ported to Windows 2000/XP and will be available soon. Probe and Ferrite Probe modelling software allows for the calculation of the electric and magnetic fields in air, planar or cylindrical layered work-pieces. The Defect modelling software enables the calculation of the impedance change in the probe due to the presence of a defect in a work-piece.
EddyCentre Probe Modeller
EddyCentre Ferrite Probe Modeller
EddyCentre Defect Modeller
EddyCentre Inspection Database





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