EddyCentre Channel Control

The EddyCentre Channel control is shown in the figure below. The EcInspection control contains one EcChannel control, therefore providing a view of one the channels in the Inspection. An Inspection can have many channels, but the one that is being viewed is the channel in focus. You can change the channel in focus by using the View menu on the EcInspection control or by clicking on the Channel name in the EcInspection control's status bar.

Top view of EcChannel control

The EcChannel control contains several EddyCentre controls:

For more information on the use of these controls, please see the documentation about the individual controls.

The EcChannel control's status bar appears at the bottom of the control. It displays information about the current view perspective, probe location and the view scale. Clicking on any of these items directly allows you to modify.

Every EcChannel has its own characteristics that describe it. These characteristics are:

The EcChannel control is responsible for controlling the interaction between the objects described in the channel. As each channel in an Inspection could have different work-pieces, probes, defects, …, as you move from one channel to another in an Inspection, the view could appear differently. However, if the Inspection contains channels with just different frequencies, there will be no visual clues about which channel you are viewing. The EcInspection control does display the current channel name in its status bar.

If the channel has been modelled, the EcChannel control will estimate the probe signal as the EcProbe is moved around the screen. The EcChannel control will send the signal information to any display devices that are active, which simulates carrying out an actual inspection.
NOTE: if there are other modelled channels in the Inspection, their signal information will also be sent to the display devices. Therefore, you can view all the channels at once or any particular channel on the display devices, independently of the particular channel in focus in the EcChannel control.