EddyCentre Display Controls

The EddyCentre Lab Display controls are designed to be used in conjunction with the EcInspection control. The EcInspection control manages the world view of the inspection, and if the Inspection has been modelled as the probe is moved around the EcInspection control, the probe's signals are interpolated from the model results and output to any EddyCentre Display controls that are active.

To speed up the communication between the EcInspection control and the EddyCentre Display controls, the display controls are added inside the EcInspection control, hence in its memory space. No marshalling or messaging needs to take place, instead the display controls are linked directly and receive input whenever a probe move event takes place.

When the first EddyCentre Display control is added, it shares the screen area previously showing the entire EcInspection control. If the user adds other display controls (multiple instances of the same control are allowed), these controls are shared vertically in the area allocated by the first display control. There is a splitter bar between the two displays, so the user is free to re-allocate the size of the EcInspection control and display controls. An example of an EcInspection control with two EcImpedanceDisplay controls addes is shown in the following Figure.

EcInspection control with two EcImpedanceDisplay controls added

There are currently two types of EddyCentre Display controls: