EddyCentre Inspection control

The EddyCentre Inspection control is the main Inspection Tool used in our Laboratory. It acts as a container for all our other controls, but it does have features of its own. Referring to the Figure, the EcInspection control shown contains several visible EddyCentre controls. They consist of an EcChannel control, EcWorkPiece control, EcProbe control and EcDefect control. The EcInspection control also contains an EcScan control and an EcModel control. The former is set as invisible and the latter is not a visible control; therefore, neither control is visible in the Figure.

Typical view of the ECInspection control

The EcInspection control's data consists of the following information:

Note: It is not an error to have objects in these lists that are not in use.

Use the menu bar at the top of the EcInspection control to manage the control. The control's direct properties page is accessed using the Edit:Properties menu item. Use the EcInspection control's properties page to add, delete and edit items in these lists. The individual properties windows are described in the next section.