EddyCentre WorkPiece control

The EddyCentre WorkPiece control is really just a container for different region objects. The EcWorkPiece control always has at least one region in it - air. This region is sometimes referred to as free-space. The Figure below shows a side view of a brass slab with a through wall defect. In this case the EcWorkPiece control has three regions, numbered from top to bottom:

The scan can only be conducted in region 0.

Side view of EcWorkPiece control as plate

The Figure below shows the EcWorkPiece control's front view of a tube. In this case the Regions are numbered from the centre out, so that:

Unlike the example above, the scan can be conducted in regions 0 and 2.

Front view of EcWorkPiece control as tube

For planar work-pieces in top view the EcWorkPiece control displays region 1, as seen in the following Figure, where the brass plate is displayed with a long slot defect. As with all the EddyCentre controls, right clicking on the control brings up hot-menu, which identifies the object and allows access to change the view or access to the objects properties page.

EcWorkPiece control's hot-menu