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EddyCentre Resource Centre

Lab Controls Download Area ( all files are self extracting scripts) Introductory Offer - Free
EddyCentre Lab Controls bundle – All of our Lab controls bundled up ready to use. Click here for more information. Includes our EcInspection, EcChannel, EcProbe, EcDefect, EcScan and EcWorkPiece controls.

EcLab controls
Size 921KB
Version 2.0

ECImpdDisplay control– displays impedance signals gererated from our EddyCentre Inspection control on an x-y or sweep mode multi-channel screen. Click here for more information.

EcImpdDisplay control
Size 302KB
Version 2.0

ECDataLogger control – records multi-channel signals generated from our EddyCentre Inspection control. Allows for cutting and pasting results in other applications like EXCEL. Click here for more information. EcDataLogger control
Size 302KB
Version 2.0

System Dlls - Shared system Dlls used by all our EddyCentre Lab controls. These could already be on your system. If the controls install, bur fail to run, you will probably need to download these libraries. We don't advice replacing newer dlls with these though!

System files
Size 2.52 mBytes
System files you may need
EcLab Help - Documentation for our EddyCentre Laboratory. Includes help files for all our controls. This documentation is also available on-line. EcLab.chm
Size 1.07 mBytes
Compiled Help file
EddyCentre Modelling Analyst Guide - Complete documentation on our EddyCentre models. Understand how our award winning models work. Requires Adobe's .pdf viewer Acrobat-Reader. EcAnalyst guide
Size 1.08 mBytes
.pdf file


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