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Welcome to Current Enterprise Ltd.

We are dedicated to making eddy-current modelling techniques understandable, available and affordable.

On this site we provide an laboratory where you can wander through our collection of test samples and probes, conducting your own inspections or design your own. The EddyCentre eLab is where things get interactive. Using our Lab Tools, you can explore our large and growing database of inspections. Your computer's mouse becomes an eddy current probe as you inspect workpieces in our collection. You will need some of our eLabTools ActiveX controls that you can download from our Download Centre for free.

Visit the Resourse Centre where you can find on-line help and technical documentation describing the controls, models and the theory behind them.

You may also obtain technical support by telephone at +44 (0)1892 722566 or by e-mail to Info@current.co.uk.



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