The EddyCentre Laboratory is a virtual eddy-current laboratory delivered right to your desktop over the web. Using our Laboratory you can simulate many kinds of eddy-current inspections without lifting anything heavier than your mouse. Simply move the probe around on the work-piece and watch/record the signals.

Our EddyCentre Laboratory is full of many kinds of inspection results that you can download and use. Our Inspection Database contains hundreds of results and more are to be added all the time. This collection contains:


  • Air-cored
  • Differential
  • Ferrite-cored


  • Free-space
  • Blocks
  • Plates
  • Tubes


  • Lift-off scans
  • Raster scans
  • Pivot scans


  • Slots
  • Bore-holes
  • Elliptical Slots
  • Cracks
  • Channels:
  • Multiple frequencies
  • Multiple probes
  • Multiple defects
  • Multiple materials

A multiple parameter query engine allows you to find just the inspection you are looking for.

For further information: