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Welcome to EddyCentre software

Our Mission
To combine powerful new modelling techniques with the speed and affordability of modern computing to explore, train and understand eddy-current non-destructive testing. To take eddy-current testing from art to science.

The EddyCentre
The EddyCentre is the home for all aspects of eddy-current testing on our site. If you are interested in training, learning, probe design, modelling or just deepening your knowledge of eddy-current testing; you have found the right place. Here you find our Resource Centre, our Laboratory and our Shopping Centre.

Resource Centre
• Lab Tools – Download the tools you will need to enter our Laboratory
• Inspection Database searching – Find the inspection you want in our large Inspection Database
• Documentation – Get help using our Lab Tools or our Inspection Database, or understand the analysis behind our eddy-current modelling.

• If you already have the Lab Tools you need and know which inspections you want to conduct you can go straight to the Laboratory.
• Alas, you will need a Technician’s Lab Pass to get into the lab, which you will need to purchase in the Shopping Centre – a short-term visitor’s pass can obtained here as well, for those who just want to take a look
• If you purchase a Practitioner’s Lab Pass, inspections can be modified or designed from scratch and then submitted back to the Laboratory for analysis, where it will be modelled and published back to the Laboratory for you.

• Purchase your Technician’s Lab Pass here.
• Purchase your Practitioner’s Lab Pass here.
• In August 2003, we will be releasing our Eddy-Centre modelling software for purchase.

Breaking News

Version 2 Released!
We are pleased to announce the release of version 2 of our Inspection and Display controls:

  • EcInspection controls
  • EcImpDisplay - Impedance display tool
  • EcDataLogger - Digital strip chart recorder



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